Our vineyards at the Moselle

Trittenheimer Apotheke

This is one of the most famous premium vineyards, in front of Trittenheim on the right bank of the Moselle. The proverbial “steep slope” which characterizes the “Trittenheimer Apotheke”, is one of the best vineyards par excellence. The steep slope is facing south and the characteristic deep blue-ground slate is covered with soils rich in minerals.

The vines benefit from the sunrays until sunset, and thereby develop each year a high level of intensity and flavour.

Trittenheimer Altärchen

The village of Trittenheim lies embedded in the picturesque location of: Trittenheimer Altärchen. It is Trittenheims largest vineyard and its different soils represent different wine characters.

In the gravel sediments on the river bed, and in the vast flat plane to the west, grow excellent multi-faceted Rieslings with fruity accents.

Sandy loam and compacted silt from primeval times, rich in minerals, are the basis for our individualists such as Rivaner, Kerner and the Burgundy grapes; multi-layered wines that are rich in fragrance and flavour despite their excellent lightness.